Monday, 28 May 2012


A colleague of mine discovered one of the freezer doors in the lab was open on Saturday and everything had defrosted. It's the freezer right next to me so I instantly felt guilty because it's right next to me and I use it a lot. It is however a communal freezer and I left quite early on Friday so live in the hope it wasn't me. That said, I was in work today, determined to be extra vigilant of the freezer not being shut properly, partly so I could tell if I was the culprit or not. So I opened the freezer and was surprised when the door came off its hinges.

First reaction was to fix it before anyone noticed but it quickly became apparent it wouldn't be that easy so I casually waltzed into the write-up room and asked one of the students if they "had a minute to help me put the freezer door back on". It turned out to be more of a 15 minute job because we couldn't find any spanners and when we did find some the screws were a bit seized up/threadbare. Never-the-less with our powers combined we were able to put a temporary fix on Freezer-gate. I also came up with an amazing strategy to stop the next person from taking the door off the hinge with a bit of sellotape on the Freezer stating "Door is very unstable. Open with extreme care!". The rest of the lab has been warned!

Anyway, I felt pretty bad, as I'm sure everyone thought I'd just hulked out over the freezer. I also decided that it didn't really help my case in the "who left the freezer door open" although i did suggest that the door had been playing up so the whole "falling off" thing at least backed up that claim.

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