Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Name the Biologist - week 7

This is one that a lot of Edinburgh PhD students should know.

As for last week's scientist.....

It was Louis Pasteur probably the most famous for helping establish the germ theory of disease and therefore probably indiretly saving billions of lives in the process. Probably known by biologists in terms of pipettes

It was


  1. That's Charles Darwin... the Darwin Trust is named after him ;)

    Actually, no, it's that tennis player's granddad, Ken!

  2. Ken Murray, the hepB vaccine guy

  3. That's some amazing misinformation by Martin and he wasn't even paid by the guy!
    "Anonymous" was correct and also gave some credible info too. Saying that him being Andrew Murray's granda is an excellent lie if not true.

    Looking into it I can neither confirm or deny the relationship.